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R2I real estate forms 1

R2I real estate forms 1

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R2I Real Estate Forms

The forms in this portfolio have been collected by R2I agents over their investing career. Everything you need is included to start your own career, from planning and scheduling to agreements and contracts.

In some more complicated and less self explanatory forms we have also included a brief explanation. Below are the forms in our collection that you can use for your day to day activities as an agent or landlord.

Interesting Facts

Why are the Real Estate Template Forms Needed?

Because real estate transactions are complex, it is important that people involved in the transaction understand how the laws apply to their particular situation. By using a variety of forms, buyers and sellers can ensure that they receive the best legal advice and it also helps them avoid making common mistakes.

These types of forms usually consist of a contract, the buyer’s disclosure statement, the seller’s disclosure statement, housing agreement, and so on. You can purchase these forms for a fee on various websites, but here at R2I we have no intention to monetize on this, hence, here we are providing a free service for you.

Make my own real estate form

There are actually several ways to create your own unique form, and all of them are free. Of course the easiest way to make a form is to download one from a website that has instructions for doing so such as ours. However, if you don’t have time to spare, you can also find numerous programs designed to create a number of different forms. For instance you could use Google Forms or Google Docs which is a free service and the data is securely saved on the cloud.

Did you know you can edit most of this forms online?

There are many real estate forms available here, although some of them might not apply to your needs, sure, you are welcome to make your edits online and download it.

If you fill the editable fields with your data and want to retain it please do the following. After editing the form, instead of hitting the download button proceed to print and then select “Save as PDF”. By doing so you will be able to download the form with also your data.

The Buyers Property Inspection Report

When working with a real estate agent or realtor, an important part of your business relationship is to ask for their use of a “Buyer’s Property Inspection Report Form.” This is used by the Realtor when showing a property to potential buyers. It is also important for those in the industry to have one form to work with, or they risk creating the impression that they do not know anything about selling or buying homes. It is the Buyer’s Property Inspection Report that the client refers to when making their offer and this is the form that the Realtor must use when providing feedback on the property.

How is the Property Analysis Form Used?

Once the Buyer’s Property Inspection Report is completed, it is the duty of the Realtor to organize and summarize the findings of the inspection. This allows the agent to provide the client with a clear picture of what repairs need to be made on the property, if any, and to position the property for sale. This summary is typically used as part of the offering papers that are completed at closing. If the agent does not include this section, it is up to the Buyer to complete it themselves or refer back to the completed report when speaking with the seller.

Download Your Real Estate Forms

Real Estate Forms used by real estate agents

Weekly Planner PDF
Weekly Priority Schedule PDF
Seller Information PDF
Buyer’s Property Inspection Report PDF
Property Analysis PDF
Cash Flow Analysis PDF
Property Rehabilitation Analysis PDF
Property Rehabilitation Analysis (Additional) PDF
Property Market Sales Analysis PDF
Agreement For Deed PDF
Addendum To Agreement PDF
Deposit Note PDF
Attorney Approval PDF
Quit Claim Deed PDF
Closing Statement PDF
Bill Of Sale PDF
Affidavit And Memorandum Of Agreement PDF
Installment Note PDF
Mortgage Loan Record PDF
Promissory Note PDF
Rental Application PDF
Month-to-month Rental Agreement PDF
Residential Lease With Option To Purchase PDF
Residential Lease With Option To Purchase (page 2) PDF
Residential Lease/rental Agreement PDF
Pet Agreement PDF
Waterbed Agreement PDF
Move In/move Out Form PDF
Monthly Income Record PDF
Expense Allocation Summary PDF
Extension Of Lease PDF
Permission To Sublet PDF
Tenants Mandatory Notice To Landlord Of Intention To Vacate PDF
Notice Of Overdue Rent PDF
Payment Agreement PDF
Landlord Five Day Notice PDF
30-day Notice To Terminate Tenancy PDF
Real Estate Sales Contract PDF
Mortgage Application PDF

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