Dealing with an ex evicted tenant

Dealing with an ex evicted tenant

Have an evicted tenant? What do you do if you discover that you have just rented to a tenant that has a history of previous evictions? Does he/she owes money to the previous landlords? Has he/she got court orders? Probably yes. It could have happened but you probably did not run a credit report in time, and they already moved in…so, what’s now?

Tenants often feel very intimidated when they receive the Tenant Credit Report and Evictions packet. They may not realize the value of this information until it is too late. They need to find out where to get information on the status of their case. That is the only way that they will know if there are any further issues and evictions in the process. That will allow them time to find another place to live.

Tenant credit reports

Have an evicted tenantTenant credit report and eviction information are important for landlords because it will tell them how many evictions there are in a year. They need to be aware of how much property they have to pay off, and how much extra they need to rent out. This is needed for the purposes of avoiding foreclosure. This is why the landlord can provide copies of the reports to their tenants, with a request that they provide a copy of the report to the court.

So how do you know if you jest rented out to an evicted tenant? To find out if a tenant has an eviction notice on their file, you will have to contact the courthouse in which the eviction took place. In some cases, this information is automatically sent to the court house where the event took place. However, if it was ordered by the court by a judge, you will have to contact the clerk’s office.

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Tenant credit reports often include property information (including number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other relevant numbers) but do not show eviction details. If you want to find out how many evictions there are on a file and see if any of the tenants have rental agreements with their former owners listed on their report, you will have to request a copy from the court that issued the eviction. The landlord can be difficult to find, however, if the tenants have already moved away, they may not have a copy of their eviction notice with them.

What to do with a previously evicted tenant?

evicted tenantIf tenants have been evicted, they should list the date on their eviction notice. You will also want to see if there is a post-dated rent payment agreement. In some states, tenants can enter into a new lease agreement with the approval of the court. This process may take a few weeks, however, if the tenant has been living in the home for less than a year, they will not be able to do so.

You can get copies of these letters from the courts that issued the eviction. But, if the tenant has already moved out, you will have to obtain their landlord’s report. This will only prove they were not present at the time of the hearing. It will not prove ownership. Because of this, you should have the tenant to fill out the “verification” section of the form you provide them with.

Ask for the verification of income

Another thing you should do is to ask for verification of income. This will help you verify the incomes reported on their tax return and will help you verify their expenses. Again, this request must be done within a month or two after the date of the court hearing. It might even be a good idea to call the Internal Revenue Service to ask for verification of the incomes and expenses reported on their tax return. They have a very simple procedure that can be followed. The forms are available online.

In conclusion

If the tenant cannot produce the court’s report or does not have the requested information, a landlord may want to contact an attorney. This will help obtain the information that is needed. A lawyer can also provide additional advice on what should be done. They will know what is not legally allowed.

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