6 Top Real Estate Investment Strategies

Top Real Estate Investment Strategies

Top Real Estate Investment Strategies For Buying Properties

Real estate investors take a calculated risk when buying real estate properties. Real estate properties usually have a fixed long or short term fixed interest rate, some monthly payment and/or interest rates are tied to the yield of the underlying security or market rates.

For investors who are cash buyers, they invest in a property for which they have an identified monthly income and they must have adequate funds to meet the required payments during the term of the loan.

In general real estate properties include rental income properties, foreclosure properties, and tax sale properties. These properties can be used for any purpose including investment, but some investors only buy properties for investment and others only buy properties as rental income and others sell them for taxable income.

Real estate investors can choose properties according to their goals. Some of the basic goals for buying real estate properties include:

Determine your rental income goals

To make sure you are buying real estate properties that will fit your rental income goals you need to assess how many tenants will make when the property is sold or when the rental income stream begins. If you have a large tenant base then you may want to wait to buy the property until the economy improves and you can move tenants into the property.

If you have a smaller tenant base then you may want to buy now. The best time to buy a property is in good economic times. When people are unemployed or have reduced hours, it’s very hard to find tenants to rent properties to. In these difficult times investors should always consider every possible opportunity to get tenants to rent the property.

Buy and hold real estate investment property 

A common strategy for many investors is buying a first rental property and holding it as an investment property or make a series of rental properties.

By making a series of small rental properties you build up your investment portfolio and have the flexibility to move rental property units when the market is good. In today’s challenging market timing is everything. To make sure you are not only investing in stable but lucrative real estate market’s timing is the key to success.

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Do your research

Real Estate Investment StrategiesAs a real estate investor you have to do your homework in order to be successful. Start with local rental property markets by going through the papers to find wholesalers and brokers in the area.

After you narrow your focus down to wholesalers and brokers, you should visit their properties to see how well the properties are running and if the market is showing any signs of strength. This is also a great time to visit retail properties too to see if the prices are fair, especially after wholesaling properties.

Get a professional to manage your portfolio

Today many families and individuals are self-employed and rely on working with a personal manager or business broker. If you have a lot of properties, it may take you some time to establish a good rapport with your own personal manager.

If this is something you are considering for your real estate properties then make sure you choose a reputable and trusted manager who will oversee your portfolio and make sure it is managed in a way that is conducive to making money.

Keep your eyes open for an opportunity

Not everyone knows the best time to buy but there are several times of the year that have the greatest opportunities for making money. Springtime sees many first time buyers looking to get into the market for rental properties, whilst summer is usually a buyers’ peak with builders out putting their new houses on the market.

The key here is to know when the best times to buy are. As with anything though timing is everything so make sure you have your ducks in a row and have done your research so you don’t end up surprised at a sudden dip in the market or an appreciation in the value of your investment property.

House hacking

If you are new to the world of real estate investing you may consider house hacking. House hacking is buying up properties for as little as possible and then renting them out to tenants in order to generate a passive income. This is one of the pros that investors should look into because it can be very effective.

The only downside is that it can be difficult to find renters who are desperate to move in since they already have a place they like and prefer. If you think you have the skills and the willingness to do this then by all means give it a shot.

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