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With over thirty years’ experience around the globe in Property Investments and development, sales, management, we have the right formula into capital’s leading investment advisory.

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Why choose us?

What we do in Property Investments

Maximising returns in a rapidly shifting environment like London requires intimate market knowledge and connection. Especially when many of the most significant transactions happen behind closed doors

For the past 25 years, we’ve advised on over GBP 100 billion of business revenue in Property Investments transactions, Hospitality and other industries around the globe…[]

Our Strength

We identify Property Investments opportunities where others fail even to look

Market Knowledge

Maximising returns

For the past 25 years, we’ve advised on over GPB 100 billion of business revenue in property
transactions, Hospitality and other industries worldwide.

Connecting People

To the right channels

We strive to connect to high net-worth individuals, pension funds, Insurances, Hotel Owners, Venture Capitalist and international investors.


With strategy in mind

Everything we do is strictly confidential. Our boutique
structure allows us to work closely with every client at every stage of the investment process.

Latest Listings

A selection of our best Residential and Commercial proposals.



Are you looking for a quality house or an apartment for sale to invest your money on real estate? Have a look at our selection, we have interesting proposals.



Are you looking for commercial activities for sale? On R2I you will always find new listings with all the information you need to buy a property!

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When searching to purchase a new residential or commercial property, most people hire an agent to do the leg work for them. They understand that locating the best property type for their individual needs often takes much help from an expert who also has inside knowledge of this particular market.

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What People Say About Us

Recent reviews written by some of our customers

I had heard good things about the R2I brand, and I have to say that those rumors turned out to be more than true. I’ve assigned them two properties since my old consultant limited the support we used. And I really think I made the right choice! The solutions are very fast and reliable and the assistance, always available, is truly exceptional. They are always polite and also go beyond the simple question that is asked, also helping you with various advice on any related problems. In short, to be absolutely recommended.

Katrin BrauerProperty Owner

I used the services of R2I as a financial advisor for two of my clients. The sale took place for both properties on the first appointment (in one case only 4 days after the announcement) and I appreciated the great professionalism of the R2I Operators who, from the first contact, proved to be always open and available both towards me and towards the Customers , prepared, kind, efficient and always ready to meet all our needs. Absolutely the best on the market at least for the ones I’ve tried so far.

Zak WoodsProperty Manager
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